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Episode 10: Hogwarts Legacy & Transphobia

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A journey into Midjourney (Part I)

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Tent City Blues

The Dragon Prince Creators Season 4 Podcast

'Rise Of The Dragon' Review: A Beautiful New Book By George R.R. Martin

Biden Pardons The Potheads

The Rings Of Power Lost Its Magic

This Is The 'Lord Of The Rings' Adaptation I've Always Wanted

A Black Little Mermaid?

‘The Rings Of Power’ Review

Why 'A Song Of Ice And Fire' Will End Very Differently Than 'A Game Of Thrones'

I Killed Better Call Saul's Perfect Season 6 Rotten Tomatoes Score

'House Of The Dragon' Guide: Everything You Need To Know

What About A Debt Jubilee?

Weird Goodbyes

The Ben Kuchera Blues

Santo Domingo (read by me!)

Santo Domingo

Dear Game Journalists, Please Stop Writing Terrible 'Gamers Are Terrible' Articles

Trump Is The ScapeGOAT

'God Of War Ragnarök' Release Date Revealed

End The War In Ukraine

Captain Hindsight: Roe v Wade Edition

Roe v Wade Overturned. Now What?

'What If?...Miles Morales' Thor Comic Accused Of Racist Tropes

Going Back To Cali

The Unintended Consequences Of Roe V. Wade

Retrospective: When 'FearTWD' Was Better Than 'The Walking Dead'

Erik Kain, contrarian grifter

Game Journalists vs Gene Park, Elon Musk vs Twitter

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The Theory Of Eight

The Best Wordle Starting Word Isn't What You Think

'Elden Ring' Isn't A Hit Because Of The Pandemic

Will Smith wasn't defending his wife's honor, he was raising red flags

quit defending Will Smith's assault of Chris Rock at the Oscars

Listen To Journey's Gorgeous Soundtrack Reimagined As 'Traveler'

The Diabolical Podcast #8: Austin Wintory

Life Update (take three)

I just want to live in Elden Ring forever

Boxes - a poem

Father John Misty's New Song 'Q4' Is Terrific

'Raised By Wolves' Season 2, Episode 2 Review: Mother Of Serpents

A Nazi, A Comedian And A Gypsy Walk Into A Bar

'Raised By Wolves' Season 2, Episode 1 Review: 'The Collective'

The Best TV Shows Of 2022

The Absurd Failure Of Modern TV Fantasy And Sci-Fi Adaptations

The 5 Biggest Problems With Season 2 Of 'The Witcher'


Peacemaker's 'Girl Power' Moment Was All Cringe

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