Jun 23, 2021 • 1HR 47M

Diabolical Podcast Episode 2: Alexis Kennedy and Lottie Bevan

Scandal, hearsay, accusations. Sunless Sea and Cultist Simulator developer Alexis Kennedy and Weather Factory co-founder Lottie Bevan discuss their cancellation from the indie game dev scene.

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In the latest episode of the diabolical podcast I speak with Sunless Sea and Fallen London developer Alexis Kennedy and his partner and business partner Lottie Bevan.

The two co-founded the studio Weather Factory, the developer of Cultist Simulator. In 2019, Kennedy was accused of various improprieties—from infidelity to preying on young women in the video game industry and abusing his power as the head of Failbetter Games.

The accusations never made it past Twitter, and the only truly specific allegations had to do with a past relationship that ended badly, but Kennedy was shunned from the industry regardless.

I’ll have a longer written piece up with more backstory to supplement this podcast at diabolical later this morning (direct to subscribers’ inboxes). The podcast will also be up on my YouTube channel later this morning as well. Thanks for listening!

Update: Here’s the longer article on this story. And here’s the YouTube version.

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