I thought Andor was boring. You could've cut out the middle three episodes and not affected the plot in ant way. The pacing was way to slow, the dialogue painfully dull. Otherwise, I agree, Star Wars jumped the shark a long time ago. I would argue that there was a problem with the third installment when I was 18 years old and told my friend as we were leaving the theater, that was the longest toy commercial I've ever seen!

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Andor raised the bar in such a way that I think anything to follow is going to feel lackluster - especially when it *IS*. (Much the way that I would be enjoying Starfield much more had I not just devoured and utterly enjoyed Baldur's Gate 3 - the love, respect and ultimately more technically proficient folks at Larian simply exceeded all expectations and helped gamers to realize that we deserve better, and *CAN* get it when the people involved give a damn about doing *better*.)

In much the same way, the recent Disney Star Wars series seem driven by quota. I thoroughly like Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau, and I do think their post RoTJ vision for the universe is worlds (pun?) better than the sequel series (and honestly Lucas' prequels too, even as time and nostalgia are working in their favor). I will admit that some of my preference is due to being a child of the original trilogy, the aesthetics and the more hero's journey(esque) theme that it engendered.

Still, I would be remiss if I didn't point out that my favorite media of the Disney era, Rogue One and Andor are without doubt their best technical efforts.

That isn't to say I haven't enjoyed Mandalorian, middling as season 3 was - I do like the idea of Bo-Katan taking over things as Din and Grogu's journey has come to a satisfying narrative conclusion.

Book of Boba Fett was fine, though I think poorly written and directed in many circumstances (why did he talk so much???) - and the decision to tie it directly to Mandalorian (season 2.5) hurt it in the end.

Obi-wan Kenobi hurts my heart, as I'm a massive fan of the character and Ewan McGregor - I was flummoxed by the series, stopping short of saying I dislike it - but I think had the last episode not been so compelling, I would likely look back on it as the poorest of the Disney shows.

Ahsoka though, I really am enjoying. I am a big fan of Rebels, which I think was a peak Star Wars show for kids (and kids at heart), and I ADORE seeing those characters in live action. I do think it started very slowly, perhaps in a misguided effort to pace itself like Andor (I don't know why though). Which does make me wonder why they have gone to the efforts to recreate Rebels visually, but not the style and pacing of it. I do think this is one of the best looking shows, at least from a spectacle point of view - the set pieces are AMAZING - and the obvious Samurai influences in episode 4 are on point. The acting, is solid...for the most part; though I do think the dialogue is perhaps...less nuanced than it could be. Ray Stevenson, God rest him, is just awesome, and I hope that Baylan continues to be more than just another "muahahaha" type big bad evil guy, and I welcome the first really decent force wielding female villain in live action. (I wish so much that Reva had been better, she had so much potential).

I know this is getting long, and I apologize; my point being that Ahsoka isn't bad, at least not like Obi-Wan's first episodes. It just doesn't seem to know what it is. If it's Rebel's part two then awesome, let it be that! If it is something else, then why lean so hard on characters the majority of people outside the hardcore fans or 2010's kids won't know? Ahsoka is a super popular character, but even Rosario doesn't quite seem to know what to do outside brood and be judgey, which far be it for me to critique Dave's own characters...but...doesn't really seem like the Snip's we grew to love. Not to mention a certain beloved, sassy Mandalorian chick is now force sensitive for some reason?? I dunno.

I realize I am a much harder core fan than most, so my tolerance for things is likely much greater - still, Ahsoka seems like a show that suffers from very cool production design and values, and much less focus on what exactly it wants to be. And outside a few shows and movies in the Disney era, that seems to be the biggest issue with things these days. Lack of focus and a seeming desire to just produce instead of create.

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I suspect the strikes are why I've been finding better foreign stuff on some of these streamers. Like Deadloch. I had no idea Tasmanian Lesbian Murder Mystery was my cup of mimosa but it absolutely is.

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