Rage Of Thrones

This is funny.

Courtesy of Daniel Larison (who writes the best Substack on foreign policy) and in response to my earlier Dance With Dragons review, is this very funny music video:

Yeah, somehow even though this came out in 2013 I still missed it. It’s crazy to think that this came out after A Dance With Dragons and yet, 8 years later, we still have no Winds Of Winter, only countless hundreds of clickbait articles that use its impending(?) release date to snatch your eyeballs away from other more important things.

In other words, this Game of Thrones-meets-Rage Against The Machine song from The Axis Of Awesome has aged extremely well. Disconcertingly so.

“Get a fucking library card” is perhaps one of the greatest lyrics of our modern era. “The book was better” almost always applies, though as our A Clockwork Orange book club taught us, there are exceptions to the rule.

Speaking of book clubs, I’m almost done with Starship Troopers so we’ll be watching the movie soon and comparing notes. The book was . . . not at all what I expected. Not even close. More on that later.

I also know what our next book club will be. Hint: The movie comes out very soon!